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Stop holding yourself back and step into your full potential and start playing big in your life and business.

Unlock Wealth Academy is your opportunity to do a life reset and release the internal subconscious blocks, self-imposed limitations that currently hold you back from stepping into your power and reaching your full potential so you are confident, able to take inspired action, feel peace inside and reach your goals so much faster and easier.

Ready to make your mind work for you and not against you and stop holding yourself back, talking yourself out of things, and playing small in life and business?

The Unlock Wealth includes:

  • Bi-weekly Live Group Zoom Calls so you get to know yourself at a deeper level, learn how to identify your good and crappy patterns, your mind’s blueprint (how your mind operates every day, your gaps and conflicts), how your mind and body interact, how to eliminate the head trash, stop the self-sabotage (remember yes’s above?), and more.

  • A private Facebook group where we work as a collective to support each other. This is your safe space to share, ask questions, find answers, celebrate wins, and grow and expand together with other beautiful and like-minded souls.

  • Healing and Clearing Meditations to support your journey and clear your path, neutralize and eliminate unsupportive past memories to invite transformations even faster. 

  • My life changing “Unlock Your Money Flow” E-book, Workbooks and Handouts designed so you learn more and better and have a hands-on experience each time we meet.

Curious if the Unlock Wealth is for you?

  • Procrastinate or avoid things?

  • Question and doubt your actions

  • Get easily overwhelmed?

  • Keep comparing yourself to others?

  • Overthink or overanalyze things?

  • Often feel anxious?

  • Feel out of control?

  • Avoid decision making?

  • Demand perfection from yourself and others?

  • Frequently criticize yourself (aka negative self-talk) and/ or have a constant mind-chatter?

  • Get easily triggered?

  • Feel like a failure or fraud?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions, the Unlock Wealth will be your new best friend.

You’ll be getting clarity, shifting beliefs, closing gaps, clearing the crappy conditioning to address the yes’s above!

Unlock Wealth Academy - LEVEL 1

All the above


Unlock Wealth Academy - LEVEL 2 with 1-on-1

All the above + monthly 1:1 call


Bi-weekly Live Group Zoom Calls
Lifetime access to a private Facebook group
Healing and Clearing Meditations
“Unlock Your Money Flow” E-book, Workbooks and Handouts
Monthly 1-on-1 Session

I’m Renata and I’m so glad to meet you!

If you’re here, life may not be that easy for you and you must be looking for some answers. If you’re here, I bet you’re not so happy with where you are right now and are seeking guidance on how to truly know Who and What you are, Where you want to go, and How to be successful. If you’re here, you want to learn more about me and why you were drawn to come here. So let’s get to know each other and get comfortable.

I was where you are right now… lost, misunderstood, stuck, depressed, having no purpose, trying too hard, and not achieving the success I wanted.

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